Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Updating a SharePoint Survey View

If you want to update the view of a SharePoint survey, like say add a column to view or change the sort order, you have to open up the view in SharePoint Designer, like All Responses:

then find the "View" xml and update accordingly (sorting is in the OrderBy CAML, and you can add FieldRefs to show more columns, etc.)

<View Name="{D1928BFA-8AFA-4B0D-A5F2-9C5748292299}" Type="HTML" TabularView="FALSE" DisplayName="All Responses" Url="/Lists/Statistics/AllItems.aspx" Level="1" BaseViewID="2" ContentTypeID="0x" ImageUrl="/_layouts/15/images/survey.png?rev=44" ><Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name="ID" Ascending="FALSE"/></OrderBy></Query><ViewFields><FieldRef Name="DisplayResponse"/><FieldRef Name="Author"/><FieldRef Name="Modified"/><FieldRef Name="Active"/><FieldRef Name="Completed"/></ViewFields><RowLimit Paged="TRUE">30</RowLimit><JSLink>clienttemplates.js</JSLink><XslLink Default="TRUE">main.xsl</XslLink><Toolbar Type="Standard"/></View>

and you'll get an updated view:

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